Brochure and Conference Sessions

OVLC Conference Brochure 2016

Louise Dumas:

Can we implement the Swedish approach to premature babies and their families here? 

This presentation will introduce participants to the new international documents (August 2015) on neo-BFI and to the Swedish organization of care and services to premature babies and their families.  We will compare the Swedish approach to premature infants to the care available in Canada. Participants will realize that we can implement many elements of the Swedish approach in our NICUs and how professionals can lead the changes. An understanding of the scientific evidence of kangaroo mother care will be emphasized.


Implementing safe skin to skin for all term infants at birth

After this session participants will understand the exhaustive evidence for uninterrupted skin to skin between mother and baby at both vaginal and caesarean births. This session will illustrate how immediate skin to skin should be realized to protect newborn safety. Participants will understand the difference between skin to skin and kangaroo mother care and consider the impact of new research findings on their clinical practice or their recommendations to parents. Optimal practices for both vaginal and caesarean will be highlighted.


 Hiltrud Dawson:

Breastfeeding Community Project Grants: Supporting Populations with Lower Rates of Breastfeeding

This session will provide an overview of the Breastfeeding Community Project Grants that were awarded by the Best Start Resource Centre with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Over the last two years 61 projects developed or enhanced programs, services or resources to support targeted populations using evidence-informed, effective strategies. Examples from several projects will be given. Some of the resources developed by the projects will also be highlighted.


Sonya Boersma:

BFI Strategy for Ontario: Overview and Update on New Resources

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of the BFI Strategy for Ontario: it’s focus, progress, and available supports. The presentation will concentrate on two developing resources, a new clearing house called and a formula resource for parents. Participants will understand how the BFI Strategy could provide assistance in their place of work, how the new clearing house may be used, and understand some components of how to effectively teach families about safe formula preparation and feeding.


Gillian Szollos:

Ottawa Milk Bank

This presentation will provide an overview of public health messaging to parents, share the vision of a milk bank supporting the Champlain and South East LIHN, will look at similar models, public demand and what it would take to establish a milk bank here in Ottawa. Learning objectives include how to be consistent with public health messaging, best practice for infant feeding as it relates to long term health and benefits of milk banking for future generations.