About Us

Ottawa Valley Lactation Consultants (OVLC) is comprised of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants working throughout Eastern Ontario in health care facilities, and in agencies and private practices within the community.

OVLC’s beginnings go back to 1987 when the first IBCLC’s in Eastern Ontario needed to meet together to share experiences, and learn and support each other. The group has continued to grow and become more established. Membership is now around 40 members.

Our Mission Statement: OVLC’s mission is to promote, support, and protect breastfeeding in the community by maintaining and increasing individual knowledge and skills through a professional, collegial, and supportive relationship with each other.



OVLC usually offers educational sessions at monthly meetings from September until June except for the conference month when CERPS are offered for the conference. There will be no OVLC conference this year as ILCA is in Toronto this year. We hope to see you all there.
We welcome and encourage all health professionals who would like to know more about helping mothers with breastfeeding. Meetings are usually held at Somerset West Community Health Center at 7:00 pm.

Please call Sheryl Hamilton at 613-224-3528 for more info.

For 2017-2018
This year we are alternating meetings Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Tuesday Sept 19
Thursday Oct 19
Tuesday Nov 21

Dec Pot luck To be decided

Tuesday Jan 23
Thursday Feb 15
Tuesday March 20 ( March break 12-17)
Thursday April 19
Tuesday May 15
Thursday June 14

Becoming a Member:

The cost of Membership with OVLC is $200 per year. Benefits include:

Ability to attend monthly meeting
Access to OVLC google group
Voting privileges
Right to hold office
Access to audio/visual library
All members are also members of the following:

CLCA ACCL (Canadian Lactation Consultants Association)
ILCA (International Lactation Consultants Association)
OBC (Ontario Breastfeeding Committee)

We also have a $50.00 Basic Membership that does not include membership to ILCA, CLCA or OBC.

Membership is open to:

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

Health professionals who are preparing to write the IBLCE exam and are currently working with breastfeeding families.

Members are required to participate actively with the OVLC members; attending at least 3 meetings per year and taking on a conference job.